MOVEX is spearheaded by a seasoned team that’s credited with many firsts and introducing several groundbreaking initiatives in the end-to-end supply chain. Our agile approach to logistics and our lean practical knowledge enabled us to piece together MOVEX, as a company, from scratch in just under 60 days to help the eCommerce industry record its most successful sales season ever. Suffice to say that even this unprecedented pressure was handled successfully by our team of 250+ dedicated individuals, and hundreds of thousands of orders were dispatched and delivered on time. This feat alone speaks volumes about how the right mix of experience and technology can ensure speed and accuracy in execution. The ultimate outcome here is a great service experience for customers.


As of now, MOVEX is trusted by the giants in Pakistan’s online and offline industry. Our custom solutions for the first & last mile are used extensively to book, track, ship, and manage thousands of shipments across Pakistan. It gives us immense pleasure to know that we are making a difference – by cementing the growth of online business in Pakistan, delighting end users by living up to our commitment of timely deliveries and creating employment opportunities in the process.

We are reimagining the supply chain to design cutting-edge solutions for warehousing, fulfillment, transportation & projects management. Our solutions will further streamline the workings of the logistics industry, and energize the ecommerce sector


The team at the helm of MOVEX has a rich experience (2+ decades) of managing the on-ground operations of the biggest names in the logistics vertical in Pakistan. The operational modules created by us were backed with proprietary software solutions, and the many initiatives introduced by us continue to be used and followed by the Industry across Pakistan till today

The management of MOVEX guarantees security, accuracy, and quality with every task it undertakes; speed when it matters the most; custom solutions to overcome any challenge of any scale; streamlining to consolidate and optimize operations, and ingenuity when it comes to serving your business in the best possible way.


Our mission is to help our clients break new grounds without worrying about the nitty-gritty of the supply chain. We want the eCommerce vertical to conquer new horizons with our high-quality, end-to-end, streamlined, and innovative logistics solutions, and create new employment opportunities in the process.


We are driven by the insights we have gained about the industry, customer needs, and the community in which we operate. Our vision encompasses the highest quality in everything we do. Whether it’s becoming the go-to source for businesses looking for effective logistics solutions or a partner to manage their supply chain.


We have already established ourselves in over 100 cities of Pakistan, and are well underway to spread our wings to include more cities soon.
Our family of ever-expanding strong-minded and dedicated individuals is prepared to go the extra first-and-last mile.

You will shortly experience the innovative services of MOVEX in your city, ready to help your business grow domestically and beyond the national borders.