E Commerce Solutions

For MOVEX, a successful E-Commerce Solutions is all about:

  • Convenience
  • Accuracy of deliveries
  • Complete visibility
  • Speedy returns of cash and shipments
  • Reliability in partnerships

MOVEX has set a high bar for itself, and we plan to take it up a notch by enabling businesses to expand, tap new markets, and grow their revenues without fearing any logistical limitations.

Bulk Overland

Every bulk inventory handled by MOVEX is carefully tracked and delivered across the network. The movement of inventory is managed with pinpoint accuracy via solutions tailored specifically to your needs. We have propriety technology to enhance your supply chain visibility with frequent status updates and actionable data, which will help you make informed decisions.

Our transport resources are satellite tracked and backed by an incredibly efficient Central Response Unit and 24/7 monitoring. Our Bulk Overland service is a smart concoction of technology, proven knowledge, and years of experience, all fused together to ensure a smoother supply chain. Our custom solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with every platform, making operational tasks effortless for you.

Transportation Solutions

The transportation space is evolving at breakneck speed, which makes mastering it all the more challenging yet exciting. We have devised some ingenious solutions to keep MOVEX ahead of the curve, such as:

  • Real-time satellite tracking
  • End-to-end connectivity for fleet management
  • Data analysis for the best routes
  • Load composition
  • Optimizing productivity

Warehousing Solutions

The management of MOVEX takes pride in bringing some of the most complex and critical 7PL solutions to life, pioneering the concept of one contract, one bill in Pakistan. Besides every customization needed to address your unique requirements, our Warehousing Solutions offer the following standard features:

  • Proprietary Software for Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Latest Material Handling Equipment
  • Trained Workforce
  • Warranty Management
  • Tracking & Distribution
  • Packing & Repacking
  • Barcoding & Labelling
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Ample Ambient Storage Space
  • Reverse Logistics

Human Capital Management

Following the developmental trends in the modern economy and adhering to the new approaches to resource management, MOVEX offers a systematic approach to Human Capital Management to help you achieve a competitive advantage, increase productivity and market share, reduce costs, and increase profit. We have a successful track record of helping large-scale corporations manage their dispatch, field operations, premise and warehouse management, packing and stocking, and retail management by headhunting the right resource and training them as per international standards.

So, whether its about drivers, loading or unloading staff or anything else in between in beyond, you can task us to handle the operation or partner with us to provide you with the right trained resources at the right time.

Some Human Capital services proven to work for businesses include:

  • Hiring the right resources
  • Comprehensive trainings
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Increased dependability
  • Sustainability
  • On-demand scalability

Then its time you start working with MOVEX and let the professionals handle the fulfillment side of your business.