The MoveX Difference

Move Express & Logistics (MoveX) is what happens when tech maestros and seasoned logistics pros get together to resolve the many courier-handling challenges faced by the budding ecommerce vertical in Pakistan.

What Do You Get With MoveX?

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Better Customer Service

Get every standard courier feature plus the industry’s best customer service.

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Better Prices

We guarantee industry-beating quotes and industry-leading services.

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Bigger Savings

Our corporate packages are custom designed to reduce your overheads & worries.

Our Logistics Transport & Warehouse Management Services

Experience A Streamlined Logistics Solution

6 Differentiating Factors Of MoveX


Flexible Services

We have a bespoke solution for your unique requirements. We have explicitly designed our services to live up to your expectations.


Customer Success

We don’t rest until your targets are met satisfactorily. After all, our success is a mere reflection of your satisfaction and success.


Rapid Pace

Our speed cannot be talked about, it can only be experienced. We employ every mean and measure to make sure your deadlines are met.


Dependable Services

We don’t shy away when the going gets tough. We stand tall and committed. We know that we have to live up to 2 reputations – yours and ours.


Price Point

Not only are we better at what we do, we are also affordable. Our competitively designed packages offer you everything while saving you money.



Handled with care - that's what we pride ourselves on. We are never too busy or in a hurry to stop caring. Every detail, be it or small or large, will be cared for by MoveX, and that's our guarantee.